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Make this Valentine’s Day a special one by means of treating your guy to pink shot glass candles made through your very own loving hands. It is a day whilst human beings move all out for that romantic event and prefer to come up with a brand new romantic concept. Red shot glass candles may be just what you’re seeking out on that romantic night.

Red candles in shot glasses for the person of your goals, is a great way to rejoice the day.

I am going to provide you an easy manner to make these candles due to the fact time is of the essence and also you can now not have made candles earlier than so here’s a way you can try this with out have to learn how to make candles first.

How to make your Red Valentine’s Day Shot Glass Candles:

1. Search around and discover yourself some red candles – one 10″ taper candle will do 3 shot glasses.

2. Buy a few wicks from a craft keep.

Three. If you have no shot glasses at home you could in all likelihood some from a shop – likely your nearby liquor save would have a few or a Bar retail save.

4. Break the candles right into a metal jug.

Five. Prepare your gradual cooker by placing it on a few  rose gold glasses frames layers of newspaper to catch any wax splashes. Put 1 ½” of boiling water inside the bottom of the cooker and turn it on to a few.

6. Stand the metal jug internal a sluggish cooker and put the lid on. This will soften the wax and it can’t get overly warm because the water temperature can only attain 212°F. Watch the water level. When the wax is melted turn the cooker off and remove the jug. It can be warm so use something to protect fingers. Cotton gloves or a cotton material ought to do the trick. (If you haven’t been capable of get crimson candles you could use white candles and at this degree add a few pink candle dye and punctiliously blend it in with a cord whisk. Candle dye can be purchased from a craft store or candle supply shop.)

7. Place your shot glasses on to a few layers of paper to seize the spills and pour the wax into the glasses.

Eight. Measure your wicks and reduce them in order that they arrive approximately ½” above the wax. As the wax is putting push the wick into the wax and make certain it stands up directly.

9. When the wax is absolutely set trim the wick to approximately ¼” above the wax.

Melting wax in a sluggish cooker is a slower manner of doing it than over a double boiler but it’s miles one of the safest methods for someone who has now not made candles earlier than. It is a good concept as a protection precaution to have a chemical fire extinguisher available while melting wax and a wax thermometer. Wax is a flammable product and that is why a slow cooker is so true because the temperature does now not get high enough to cause a hearth however a precaution desires to be in region in case of grimy wax. But with wax there is constantly an unknown so that is why safety precautions should be taken.

Have a brilliant evening with the temper set by means of your Red Valentine’s Day Shot Glass Candles. You by no means realize as soon as you have got made your Red Valentine’s Day Shot Glass Candles you can wish to preserve making selfmade candles and the equal technique may be used to make other glass moulded candles as nicely or whilst the use of the jug, make candles in different fashioned moulds.

Kaye Dennan is an professional in candle making and been worried inside the artwork subject for decades. With over 25 years of sm