How To Win The Lottery And Avoid Being A Total Sucker

The lottery can be addictive if you get carried away losing your life savings or maxing out credit cards causing stress and marriage problems in your life. Lottery players don’t think about the consequences when spending their hard-earned money on tickets that get thrown in the trash.

Playing random lottery numbers can 토토사이트 ruin your life because it’s easy to think you’ll win eventually, so you spend more and more on tickets with the same zero results. The bigger the jackpot is the more people spend, thinking the more tickets they have the better their chances are which is not so.

There are people who have spent hundreds of dollars, some a thousand dollars on one drawing and only won three number tickets. The lottery wasn’t created to spend your life savings or all your living expense money, it was meant to play reasonable with a few extra dollars without hurting you financially.

Playing random numbers versus a lotto system is a big difference, because if you use a system you can handicap your numbers, eliminating most of the bad numbers increasing your chances of winning with just a few dollars per drawing. It would take many tickets picking random numbers and the odds are still very high.

There was a lady in Michigan who played the six number lottery and she picked all random numbers. She let her bills go for the month figuring she would win the lottery so she used her monthly retirement check and spent $900 on tickets for one drawing. She was excited waiting for the drawing that night and confident she had the winning numbers.

After the lottery was drawn, she checked her many tickets and had 5 three number ones. She was paid a total of $50 for her winnings. She was let down and depressed over losing so much money. Learn from her mistake to never take a gamble with your money because there’s no way to cover all the combinations unless you’re a multi-millionaire.

Learn to eliminate the bad numbers and play the good ones. By using a system, you can play for $10 per draw reducing your odds by the thousands and likely come out ahead with several winning tickets. Stick with the same carefully chosen numbers because they will come up in time.

Learn to budget and only play with extra money, not money meant for food, shelter and electric. It’s a sickening feeling losing so much money when you don’t have it to lose. Use common sense when playing the lottery and use a lottery system.

Serious skilled lottery players know how to spend just a few dollars increasing their chances for multiple winning tickets. Your chances are far greater and you won’t go broke. In time you’ll come out ahead.